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Welcome to THE best source for automotive insulation and garage door kits.

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EZ Cool insulation is available here in 4' x 10', 4' x 25' and 4' x 50' rolls. EZ Cool is manufactured using a 3/16" closed-cell polyethylene foam core with 99% pure polished aluminum facings on both sides. (This is not the foiled bubble wrap sold at hardware stores).

A major concern when restoring a vehicle is finding an insulation/sound deadening product that won't cause long term damage to the body of the vehicle. When using foam, cotton or jute backed products, unwanted moisture can easily be the cause of early deterioration in the floor of the vehicle. This insulation prevents condensation and will not absorb moisture. Therefore, it will not mold nor mildew like cotton, foam and jute backed products do. It stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer, which makes it ideal not only for firewalls, but also for lining engine covers in boats and motor homes. In the winter months, automotive insulation will keep all your valuable heat in your car or RV, where you need it most. It is also an excellent sound deadener, so it will keep out unwanted engine and road noise. This insulation is extremely lightweight (40 sq. ft. weighs less than 2 pounds), totally non-toxic and cuts with scissors or a sharp knife. This same brand of automotive insulation has been used in NASCAR, IROC, and World of Outlaws race cars.

It is IDEAL for use in hot rods, street rods, rat rods, classic cars, trucks, pickups, motor homes, vans, boats, race cars, stock cars, vintage cars, refrigerated containers, even airplanes. Has many other uses. Cut pieces to put in car, van, motor-home, camper or airplane windows to keep solar rays from damaging expensive interior or just to keep out heat and prying eyes. I have used this insulation in my own cars and in cars I have rebuilt for others and have never had a complaint related to this product. On top of superior insulating and sound deadening properties, we deliver excellent customer service and fast shipping. Please take time to visit our testimonials page.

We now sell garage door insulation kits!

** Shane in Australia sent us some testing he did on his car 'before and after' installing our insulation,        along with pictures. Click here to see his results.

** Our product was recently tested along with several others by a gentleman at Western Washington University. His class project was to design a hybrid bus and his senior project  was to find a suitable insulator for the bus. His complete senior report can be viewed here.

** Class A, Class 1 Fire Rating
   Burn Test Video

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4' x 10' (40 sq. ft.)

10' Aluminum tape included with each roll

Free Shipping



4' x 50' (200 sq. ft.)

50' Aluminum tape included with each roll.

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4' x 25' (100 sq. ft.)

25' Aluminum tape included with each roll.

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Additional Aluminum Splice Tape


3 inch x 10'

3 inch x 150'




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